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N2lli2 unable to update Google Chrome to 16.0.912.77
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What am I doing wrong? I clicked on Install solution and it took me to Google Chrome and I clicked on download, and I don't know if that is what I am supposed to do. But after doing that Secunia still is telling me that it isn't patched.

So what do I do now?

mogs RE: unable to update Google Chrome to 16.0.912.77
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It is usually much easier to update Chrome by clicking on the Wrench icon right hand corner of Chrome....and then click on About Google will then check for updates.
Once having updated...Chrome usually leaves behind the previous/older version, and it is that which psi continues to needs to be removed

To delete a vulnerable file or folder using PSI 2 :

1. Open psi and go to Scan Results.

2. Alongside the vulnerable prog. is a "+" sign.

Clicking on that will reveal Detected Instances..

3. Below, are two yellow folders. Click the one without a red dot.
It will open Windows Explorer and you will be able to view the vulnerable files/folders.

4. Right click and delete.
Perform a full scan to confirm all in order..

Hope the foregoing helps......regards,

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