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patdrummond Can't use forum if threads all locked
Member 29th Jan, 2012 01:34
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I tried to ask a question in the forum but the threads are all locked. If you want people to help people, please WAKE UP. They can't if people can't communicate unless you change the locking frequency to something reasonable!

Maurice Joyce RE: Can't use forum if threads all locked
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If U want to ask a question create your own thread.


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RE: Can't use forum if threads all locked
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mogs RE: Can't use forum if threads all locked
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It's now Sunday....I don't think I'm've created your own thread.....what is the product you wish to it navigation you need help with ?

Threads get locked if they've reached a conclusion.....sometimes to the satisfaction of the originator after having been helped; and oft by an administrator after having given notice. The reason that it's best that they are closed, is that it prevents users tagging questions on to that of the originator....which often confuses situations/issues.....another reason is that it also reduces the number of reminder e mails.
Threads are created by users in a time of their choosing...and very often replied to quite are the first, to my knowledge, that has expressed discontent with the procedure. Possibly you need to take more time to familiarize yourself with the forum and it's workings....have you read the About page here ?...


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