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kslerner UltraVNC Recognized as Malware
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The UltraVNC 1.091 security patch, which appears to be part of the Crossloop software program, is recognized by both Windows Security Softwarre and Avira Antivir software as containing a virus but is shown to be safe by Norton Security Suite. My computer is not allowing me to run the patch identified bu Secunia on my computer. Is it safe or malware ?!? What to do??

mogs RE: UltraVNC Recognized as Malware
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From the little bit of research I've done, " Is it safe " seems to recur often as regards the program.....found a couple of contentions with it elsewhere.

UltraVNC do have their own forum which may be worth looking at :-

Hope it helps.....regards...........

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Maurice Joyce RE: UltraVNC Recognized as Malware
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Have U got Crossloop installed?

If so this gives the background on how that programme uses VNC.

More details are here:

If U do use Crossloop have U tried a reinstall from here?

There is no malware included in any Crossloop download from their site.


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