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lp-50 Chrome version 18.0.1025.142
Member 30th Mar, 2012 21:57
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Today's scan revealed that Google Chrome version 17.0.963.83 was end of life, and I needed to install update. Installed update and I'm now using version 18.0.1025.142 , but Secunia PSI won't recognize it as a secure browser. Any suggestions?

mogs RE: Chrome version 18.0.1025.142
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If you're referring to the Secure Browsing feature in psi've got the same result....Chrome doesn't show. Chrome 18 shows up okay in Scan Results tho'.
The Secure Browsing feature has been buggy from the outset......tho' Chrome 17 was previously shown.....can't offer any advice concerning 18 being listed......I tend to think it will be corrected over the next few days.

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fosgrit RE: Chrome version 18.0.1025.142
Member 30th Mar, 2012 22:52
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I had the same problem and found the solution by going to the Control Panel then the add or remove & found 2 Google versions listed: the old 17 version and the new 18. I just removed version 17 and Secunia went automatically to 100%.
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