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Forum Thread: Secunia PSI 3 - Beta 3

You are currently viewing a forum thread in the Secunia Community Forum. Please note that opinions expressed here are not of Secunia but solely reflect those of the user who wrote it.

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J.Balle Secunia PSI 3 - Beta 3
Secunia Official 21st May, 2012 10:38
Ranking: 10
Posts: 31
User Since: 25th Nov, 2008
System Score: N/A
Location: Copenhagen, DK

We're happy to announce that Beta 3 of the Secunia PSI 3 is available for testing.

As mentioned with the release of Beta 2, we have been working to (re)introduce a few more features known from the Secunia PSI 2, while preserving the simplicity of the Secunia PSI 3.

Changes with Beta 3:
* Secunia Profile / Community Forum Integration
* Added History log
* Added Ignore Rules
* Ability to select drives to scan
* Various bug fixes and design improvements

Download the new Beta 3:

Stay Secure


ddmarshall RE: Secunia PSI 3 - Beta 3
Dedicated Contributor 21st May, 2012 17:52
Score: 1219
Posts: 973
User Since: 8th Nov 2008
System Score: 98%
Location: UK
When I look at the History, I see several failed updates for Secunia PSI 2.x from to for today. That is, after the installation of PSI Beta 3.
I'm not sure what triggers them. It may be associated with opening the GUI.

This answer is provided “as-is.” You bear the risk of using it.
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Nergali RE: Secunia PSI 3 - Beta 3
Member 21st May, 2012 19:44
Score: 19
Posts: 48
User Since: 23rd Aug 2010
System Score: 100%
Location: US
Thanks as Always. Checking it out now
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ultimalvin RE: Secunia PSI 3 - Beta 3
Member 22nd May, 2012 10:12
Score: 2
Posts: 4
User Since: 18th Apr 2012
System Score: N/A
Location: FR
Still no "advanced" interface ? Seriously, I consider this a major step back.
If I was to run PSI on my mom's PC, the new simplified interface is nice for people without much computer knowledge (although once set to run in the background, she would quickly forget about it, as it is intended to work, and in which case the nice interface doesn't matter so much), but for me to help her if something wrong happens, not having a detailed, advanced interface, would be necessary.
Why remove it then ? To make it available through a paid version ?
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Nergali RE: Secunia PSI 3 - Beta 3
Member 22nd May, 2012 18:49
Score: 19
Posts: 48
User Since: 23rd Aug 2010
System Score: 100%
Location: US
Last edited on 22nd May, 2012 18:52
I tend to agree with the above poster's Mother example.

Ok first of all I do not, by any means, fall in the "grandmother" category (in reference to the beta1 thread). This iteration of PSI3 is better than the one before it which in turn was much better than the first.

I still feel somethings are missing

1) Real time monitoring. With PSI 2 if a program is added, updated or removed outside of PSI's interface, those changes were seen by PSI and announced to the user. This is very useful as it allows a Computers user to know of changes that are occurring on ones machine. What's worse it so far it seems that even in the interface the program does not change without a full computer rescan (~20 min).

Which brings me to issue 2) No single item rescan, yes I understand some (and they are rare) cases in PSI2 required a full scan. However most things you could single rescan and get instantly gratified that the update was correct and didn't leave behind an old version along with it (Adobe flash, I'm looking at you).

this ties nicely into 3) I'd like to renew my call from the Beta2 thread to have the number of occurrences listed in one of the 3 places discussed (in this order of my preference directly on the app tile screen, as in psi2; in a mouseover command,hover over an app and see the #of occurrences; or in the right click menu, right click an app and see the #)

Finally the Absence of data on the insecurity is what I consider a MAJOR FLAW. I've been trying and trying and trying to figure out why RESHACKER was not coming off my insecure list. As I said I am not a "grandmother"-type. When it first appeared I sought out (and found) that I had an old version. Realizing this I "installed" the new version (moving from version 2.x to version that last version released (Sept 2011). OK so program updated.
"MMM PSI isn't Alerting me of change" :-( (see complaint 1 above).
"OK so I'll rescan. Sadly I have to do a full system rescan." (see complaint 2 above 20 Min pass).
"Res Hacker still insecure? " Ok, PSI Interface: Right Click ResHacker, left click , show details. "Hey look now I have two version is there, how strange I usually remember to throw out the unpacked installers after I've made an app portable. Glad PSI Tells me all locations now, too bad though I had to go throw so many steps to find that out." (see complaint three).
"Hmmm, on both instances the versions are now the correct at least, so why isn't it listed a fixed?"

Open secuinia website
go to searchbox
Search "Resource Hacker"
//If you wish to search for vulnerabilities or forum posts, please use our Secunia Advisory and Vulnerability Database search or Forum Search.

Search results: 1 match found//
"Arrrrgggg wrong search!" Click link for Advisory search

Search: "RESHacker"
//No Results//

Search: "ResourceHacker"
//No Results//

Search: "Resource Hacker" knowing that this will be a huge number because many reports will have those two words in them. . .sigh
//77 Results//
Luckily the top result was yesterdays advisory for the program:

Now all this time and still yet (remember I have Auto-Update turned off, for now) PSI Application Tile presents the following message for "resource hacker"
//Preparing Update//.

If I was a "grandmother" I'd have stopped there and freaked out because the program will always list this until an update is released (especially this one which is not ever going to be fixed
(unknown source)
Resource Hacker is no longer being developed:

I have been overwhelmed by the interest in Resource HackerTM, the emails of thanks, encouragement and suggestions. It's been downloaded many millions of times. However, I've moved on to other things and have no plans to continue its development. Please don't ask for the source code, I'm not releasing it, nor is it for sale.

Note on PSI2 I can open a single program and direct click to the Advisory.

Again I would like to remind Secunia that part of their goal is education of the public toward proper updating of software, and toward knowing what is on their computer. IMHBEO PSI 3 Beta3 is still not up to snuff in that regard.

Patiently Hoping For more

(Moderator's or Admins if you would Pleeeeeeeeeeease turn off auto lock on this topic, or at least reopen and post in it when beta4 is released so we know it's here. I found beta3's release on accident because a member at a forum I moderate had posted a question about PSI3's Red Icon on Computer restart/User Login, even though score =100%)
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Nergali RE: Secunia PSI 3 - Beta 3
Member 24th May, 2012 01:52
Score: 19
Posts: 48
User Since: 23rd Aug 2010
System Score: 100%
Location: US
Additional Comments:

I am indeed fond of the addition of Ignore rules. However there is no way to manage already formed ignore rules. thus if you accidentally ignore, or no longer wish to ignore, there is no way to do so (via the GUI nor, it seems via registry or file editing)
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This thread has been marked as locked.

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