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Forum Thread: Wrong solution link for LibreOffice 3.5.3 upgrade?

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nitetalker Wrong solution link for LibreOffice 3.5.3 upgrade?
Member 25th May, 2012 14:35
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User Since: 25th May, 2012
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Location: US
Secunia PSI flagged LibreOffice 3.5.1 as a threat. I followed the Install Solution link for the upgrade to LibreOffice 3.5.3 and Firefox downloaded the file LibreOffice_3.5.3_SPS.exe. When I executed this file, a process started, did not display a UI, and exited right away.

Whenever a process seems to do nothing, one suspects malware. I scanned the executable with AVG and it was clean. I then scanned the computer with AVG and it was clean.

I then went to the LibreOffice site, and downloaded the correct installer, LibO_3.5.3_Win_x86_install_multi.msi. I ran the installer and Secunia PSI detected the patch.

So all seems well now. Except it seems Secunia PSI's Install Solution link for LibreOffice is wrong. Please look into this.

I am running Win7 64-bit.

Thanks for all the fine work you do there.

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Anthony Wells RE: Wrong solution link for LibreOffice 3.5.3 upgrade?
Expert Contributor 25th May, 2012 18:05
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Hi ,

What you saw happening is what Secunia say is meant to happen when you set to run one of their SPS silent installers manually .

If you set "auto-updates" then this is not likely to be a problem as it is a set and leave alone situation , the SPS will do things in it's own good time . Sometimes it doesn't and that can be difficult to analyse/diagnose .

You are not the first to point to this apparently strange behaviour of a manual install using the SPS . Secunia support have not replied to any of the other threads I have monitored or posted to concerninhg this "problem" .

They are trying very hard to make a/the software update/patch system accessible to all via their PSI 3Beta(3) , but until they let the PSI "tell" us know what is going on and how to react WHEN things go wrong then are heading down a blind alley particularly where the less technically interested/competent are involved .

There is some control/knowledge of what is being ofered for download in the PSI 2.0.x but you only know it has been successful by running a FULL scan - after guessing whether/when/if the download/install has finished it's job .

IF the SPS was 100% effective and there were no FP/non-default/family heirloom detections then the whole world would rush to version 3 .Sadly this is NOT the case .

PS : Do not hold your breath for Secunia to comment - especially as it is now the weekend (CET) .

Take care



It always seems impossible until its done.
Nelson Mandela
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nitetalker RE: Wrong solution link for LibreOffice 3.5.3 upgrade?
Member 25th May, 2012 19:05
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User Since: 25th May 2012
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Location: US
Thanks for the explanation, Anthony. I'm using PSI 2 with Auto-Updating disabled. Auto-Updating didn't work well for me.
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