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M.Stengaard CSI 6.0 released in public beta
Secunia Official 1st Aug, 2012 13:27
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Dear all,

I just wanted notify you that Secunia CSI 6.0 has just been released in beta.

You can read more and join the beta program here:

Stay Secure,

Morten Stengaard

SmithJoe RE: CSI 6.0 released in public beta
Contributor 2nd Aug, 2012 15:30
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just a few quick questions:

we're using csi5 now, will the license also include csi6 ?
- can both versions be used at the same time? "normal" admins will still be able to use csi5 while i'm testing the new features of csi6?
- will it be possible to go back to csi5 on a machine if csi6 had been installed ?
- i guess that no changes to our local infrastructre have to be made as csi "only" needs the valid certificate and things that we already set up for csi5 ?
- the handbook for csi6 mentions that now ad integration is available. is that configurable? i.e. i only want certain OUs to be visible in csi6. After switching to the ad integration is there an easy way to go back to the old site settings? Again if switching to csi6 on a single machine and using ad integration, is it possible for other admins on other machines to still use csi5?
- are the "options" that were available in csi5 considered stable in csi6? from the pics of the csi6 console it looks a bit like csi5 with added features. Can we expect patching and reporting to be as stable as in csi5


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O.Marin RE: CSI 6.0 released in public beta
Secunia Official 8th Aug, 2012 10:30
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Hi Joe,

To answer your first question about the upgrade to CSI 6 you should contact your account manager and he can tell you more about the upgrade procedure.

You can use both versions on the same time, but not on the same computers. We recommend that you install CSI 6.0 in your test environment.

It is possible to revert back to CSI 5. You will first have to uninstall CSI 6 and then you can reinstall CSI 5.

You are correct. If the requirements for CSI 5 are in place then CSI 6 should work just fine.

Right now you are only able to scan the top level of your domain. The Secunia CSI 6.0 is still in beta so we appreciate any feedback on the product. Feel free to send you suggestions to

Once you decide to disable AD integration, you will be reverted back to the original site configuration.

By enabling the AD integration you are able to import all hosts from your DC. All hosts that havenít been scanned will be marked as such. These changes will not impact CSI 5 administrators.

Yes, the features that are available in both CSI 5 and CSI 6 should be considered stable. Both the reporting module and the patching module have improvements but we havenít removed any of the existing functionality.

Kind Regards,

Oana Marin
Solution Specialist


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