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Vulcan-2 Reminder Service -- Take Two
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On August 19, I posted an inquiry (see below) about Secunia's free Reminder Service.

It is now 16 days later, and, notwithstanding more than 100 views, there hasn't been a single reply to my initial post. Moreover, the thread has been marked as locked.

Does Secunia not have Sysops or others on its staff who monitor and reply to forum posts?

My initial post is set forth below. Can anyone (ideally someone from Secunia) answer my initial question: Is the Reminder Service still working?


Initial post:

I, and many people I know, have used's free Reminder Service in connection with Secunia’s Online Software Inspector. However, for quite some time now, no reminder e-mails have been forthcoming -- either to me (at either of the two addresses at which I am subscribed) or to the others I know who are also subscribed. Secunia’s Web site still offers the Reminder Service, and I haven’t read or heard anything about the service having been discontinued.

Is the Reminder Service still functioning?

E.Jeppesen RE: Reminder Service -- Take Two
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Due to an error in our work procedure the system for “Software Inspector Reminders” are not working as intended at the moment. We are currently looking into how this should be handled in the future.

Thank you for pointing out this issue. If in the future you need assistance specifically from Secunia Support you are always welcome to contact us directly at We will then get back to you as fast as possible.

Please note that forum threads auto-lock after 7 days of inactivity. You can always send us an email if you would like to reopen a thread that you have created.

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