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Forum Thread: Quicktime 7 update customizations

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eobiont Quicktime 7 update customizations
Member 25th Oct, 2012 18:39
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User Since: 25th Oct, 2012
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Location: US
When I update client systems to 7.7.2 using the package provided by Secunia, a desktop icon to Quicktime Player is added to the desktop. How can I prevent this icon from being added to the desktop when this update is applied?

In the past, I have modified an MST so that the INSTALL_DESKTOP_SHORTCUT=FALSE
inside the transform. I have no idea how that might be accomlished with Secunia patching system?

Can anyone suggest how to get at the patch that Secunia supplies so that can make modifications to meet our needs?

Does the Secunia Quicktime patch disable checking for updates? Does it disable advertising for the Pro version? I have to make sure these things are off, but none of those options are exposed in the patch.

O.Marin RE: Quicktime 7 update customizations
Secunia Official 7th Nov, 2012 16:10
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User Since: 4th Aug 2011
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Location: Copenhagen, DK

As I said before, sorry for the late reply.

The update available in Secunia CSI is repackaged by our team to make sure that it installs silently.

This is the reason why the other switches are not working anymore.

You can remove the default link supplied by Secunia CSI with your preferred installer, here are the steps:
1. Start to create an update package ( Patching -> Secunia Package Systems )
2. On Step 1 enable the option Edit Package Content and go to Step 2
3. On Step 2 (under files to include) right-click on the default link and select Remove (or Edit if you have a direct URL)
4. You can click on Add Local File to browse for a locally downloaded installer
5. (Optional) You can edit the silentParams variable with the silent switches and the switches to remove the desktop icon.

Kind Regards,

Oana Marin
Solution Specialist
eobiont RE: Quicktime 7 update customizations
Member 12th Nov, 2012 19:18
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Posts: 6
User Since: 25th Oct 2012
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Location: US
I am not sure I uderstand completely.

The thing secunia supplies is an SPS.exe.
Everything I need to do can be done in an MST transform to the Quicktime.msi.

I am not sure how the patching thing works. Does the patch just call
QuickTime_7.7.2_SPS.exe? or does the patching system run the EXE which calls the MSI using the variables in the script?

If I wanted to customize this, would I create a self extracting EXE that when run updates Quicktime, or can I somehow insert my custom.mst file into your already existing update process?
Like to I just include custom.mst as an extra file and then just edit the script? Or does that JScript only run the Quicktime_7.7.2_SPS.exe and that EXE takes care of the update?

var silentParams = "/quiet /norestart TRANSFORMS=custom.mst";

Or does that JScript only run the Quicktime_7.7.2_SPS.exe and that EXE takes care of the update?

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This thread has been marked as locked.

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