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3-northernpike profile reload verification e-mail link not being received
Member 6th Nov, 2012 13:48
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Had to download PSI to a different computer...have version noticed that I am showing up as an "unregistered user" in my dashboard.

Already have a Community Profile set up, and am having difficulty reloading it.

When I click on "unregistered user," and follow the indicated steps, there's a problem receiving the e-mail link, which I'm supposed to click on for verification, in order to successfully reload my community profile. I never receive the e-mail to click on the link!

I am using Windows Internet Explorer, ver. 8.0.6001.18702, with MS Windows XP Pro 32-bit SP3.

Looked in the forum, and didn't see any threads, so am hoping someone has had a similar issue which they figured out how to fix.

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mogs RE: profile reload verification e-mail link not being received
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Your post prompted me to update my own set up !!

Recovering one's profile with psi was an issue quite some time ago. The stock reply at the time was that one did not need to be registered to use psi. As a consequence, that was how I'd left it.....been using as an unregistered user, but could still access the forum from psi.
After reading your post I decided to check it out again.....following the steps in the Recovery of Profile's worked like a charm !!
It may be worth noting tho' that Chrome Dev is my default browser and compatible with my email account.
I went from Configuration ( left hand side of psi )....then to Secunia Community Profile and Recover....

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