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Vulcan-2 Reminder Service - Take Five
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In early September, Secunia acknowledged that the Reminder Service for its OSI is "not working as intended" and that Secunia is "looking into how this should be handled in the future."

In mid-October, Secunia had "no useful information on this topic yet" and was "still in the process of determining how to handle the OSI Reminder Service in the future."

In December, Secunia had "no further information on this issue" and they "bumped” their "internal bug report" on the matter.

It is now the end of January. A link to subscribe to the Reminder Service still appears on Secunia's Web site, yet the service is still not working.

Secuania, please -- this isn't rocket science. If you're not going to reinstate the Reminder Service, then: (1) tell us, so that I, and many of your other subscribers, may make other arrangements for keeping our software up-to-date, and (2) remove the Reminder Service subscribe link from your Web site. At present, you are enticing people to subscribe to a service that isn't functioning, and that hasn't been functioning for nearly a year.

Thank you.

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