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Forum Thread: csia.exe V.6 not starting

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pm_amg csia.exe V.6 not starting
Member 19th Mar, 2013 11:06
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User Since: 19th Mar, 2013
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Location: DE

80 systems are updated to CSIA6 now, 10 systems to go..

While upgrading from csia5 to csia6 these 10 systems (Windows 7, 32bit and 64bit, too) donīt start the agent.

While entering "csia" from the command line normally you get "Initializing Secunia CSI agent", then computer and domain name and then possible command line options.

But on the buggy machines you get only "Initializing Secunia CSI agent" and then youīre redirected to the prompt.

Any option behind the "csia" call wonīt have an effect.

On one of the systems (32bit) thereīs still a csia,V.5 installed. And this service works as expected.

Another system (64bit) has only version6 and the csia stops after the first line.

What can we do?

Pla_IIS RE: csia.exe V.6 not starting
Member 19th Mar, 2013 15:23
As far as I am informed CSI6 uses a different server address - be shure that https-traffic is allowed for the URL'

(see also another thread in this forum)

For debugging connections it is helpful to start the Secunia agent manually:

Open a command shell, go to the Secunia agent directory and enter:

csia -c

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pm_amg RE: csia.exe V.6 not starting
Member 20th Mar, 2013 07:33
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User Since: 19th Mar 2013
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Location: DE

the debugging mode isnīt available because the csia.exe responds always "Initializing Secunia CSI agent".
No matter which arguments you type after "csia".

As example:

Initializing Secunia CSI agent
>csia test
Initializing Secunia CSI agent
>csia -c
Initializing Secunia CSI agent

Another idea?
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Pla_IIS RE: csia.exe V.6 not starting
Member 20th Mar, 2013 07:45
Good morning,

hmm - something prevents csia.exe from starting: what kind of (local) firewall and virus scan are you using? Could that block csia.exe on the 10 machines? Are there other security tools on the problem machines? Some time ago we had problems with AdAware blocking applications / registry access...

Did you try "ProcMon" from Sysinternals? That tool shows you all activities when starting any process. You can set a filter like "Process Name is csia.exe" and then you should see a lot of activities when entering "csia" without any parameters in a cmd window.

Regards, Roland.
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r.danailov RE: csia.exe V.6 not starting
Secunia Official 26th Mar, 2013 16:32
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User Since: 3rd Jan 2012
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Location: Copenhagen, DK

Could we ask you to remove all Agent registry settings and try to install the Agent again?
These are the steps we advice you to undertake:

1. Uninstall the old version of the Agent by using the command > csia.exe -r -L
2. Open the registry hives on the local system (regedit.exe)
3. Find each of the below listed registry keys and delete them:

a) HKLM\SOFTWARE\Secunia\CSI Agent (32-bit systems)
b) HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uni nstall\Secunia CSI Agent (32-bit systems)

c) HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Secunia\CSI Agent (64-bit systems)
d) HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\Curren tVersion\Uninstall\Secunia CSI Agent (64-bit systems)

4. Install your Agent again, either via Agent Deployment package or manually under CMD.

Let us know if the problem continue to persist. Thanks.

Kind regards,
/Rosen Danailov

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