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Mozilla Foundation
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Mozilla Firefox 3.0.x

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who7157 Can't uninstall this program
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I run the software and I keep getting the 3.0 firefox however I only have the newest one installed but it is showing on Secunia as 3.0 , it's not there to unintall...


mogs RE: Can't uninstall this program
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See the following section of the FAQ :-

To locate a detected program via the Secunia PSI, please do the following.

Secunia PSI 3.x
Right-click on the software you want to check. Select "Show details". Double-click the file location.

Secunia PSI 2.x
Go to "Scan Results" and click the “+” character next to the relevant program. Then click the yellow “Open folder” icon.

Secunia PSI 1.x
In the upper right corner click "Advanced" and "Ok" to the message box. Go to the tab where the relevant program is currently showing up. Click the “+” character next to the relevant program and then click “Open Folder”.

If you have followed the steps above you should now see the folder on your computer where the detected program is located. The Secunia PSI has also showed you the exact installation path and the name of the detected file. To examine the file you can right-click on it and choose Properties. The tabs should now show you the same information that the PSI is detecting including product name, product version etc.

You can then right click and delete the old file before rescanning. Hope it helps....regards...

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