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Forum Thread: Will SMB be able to do manual updates?

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Steven_Shank Will SMB be able to do manual updates?
Member 28th Mar, 2013 21:41
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Is it in the plans for SMB to allow for manual updating of client computers from the console? Checking doesn't do a lot if we can't do anything to fix it.

E.Jeppesen RE: Will SMB be able to do manual updates?
Secunia Official 2nd Apr, 2013 13:28
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Last edited on 2nd Apr, 2013 13:29
If the connected PSIís have been set to automatically start auto-updating once a vulnerable program is detected, then no further interaction should be required.
Steven_Shank RE: Will SMB be able to do manual updates?
Member 2nd Apr, 2013 20:22
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There are very common instances where that isn't true. The mozilla software will not auto update. I don't think Chrome does either. Both Firefox and Thunderbird require manual updating. Some other programs like the xml parser also needed to be done manually. So, I'm guessing that at this time, there is no clear plan to add a feature to allow the person to do those programs requiring manual updating to be updated from the console computer?
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Maurice Joyce RE: Will SMB be able to do manual updates?
Handling Contributor 3rd Apr, 2013 00:54
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Last edited on 3rd Apr, 2013 10:07
I agree - the auto update feature is not all inclusive & many programmes cannot be auto updated. The slowness of the auto update feature is also a concern in that it appears to take forever to complete a task.

I use two workarounds which I do think are viable for a work environment which clearly is the (new) audience Secunia are looking at to sell it.

1. 2 end points use Radmin/Hamachi where I can remotely fix items using manual updating. This is an extra cost item to each endpoint.

2. I have created an Excel spreadsheet with a direct vendor download link for every programme (less Microsoft which are managed via Windows Update) noted on my console. I send this to the end points via email on a weekly basis indicating which programme(s) requires an update. Endpoints are told to switch off the auto update feature.

3. Zero day exploits are dealt with as & when also by email.

In its present form I would submit that the Administrator has not got total control of all (s)he sees. It is more an information console until the system is fully automated.


Windows 7 SP1 64 Bit OS
HP Intel Pentium i7
IE 11 for Windows 7 SP1
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This thread has been marked as locked.

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