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LLG SMB only shows one client
Member 29th Mar, 2013 17:45
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Two weeks ago I created a new user to test xSI for our school-network. Unfortunately the SMB console only shows one client, changing time-by-time to the most recently installed client or latest scanned client. For installation I locally used the Download Now option.

At home I created a second private user this week, and both clients are displayed. For this second user everything works well.

Maybe the first user created has no proper configuration, as I was an early bird tester.

Is there any posibility to reconfigure this SMB-user? How can I delete this first user in order to create it again with the same login data and hopefully already known clients? Otherwise, what oppurtunity do you offer to use the installed clients in a new user profile?

Thank you in advance for your answer.

Maurice Joyce RE: SMB only shows one client
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I am not entirely sure how you are try to get your Endpoints registered with your console.

Are you following the procedure as per page 8 of the Manual?


Windows 7 SP1 64 Bit OS
HP Intel Pentium i7
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LLGym RE: SMB only shows one client
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To install at endpoint-clients, I logged into SMB, chose Download and used the 'Download now' link. Alternativly I downloaded the Installation file and did the setup with this file on several Clients. I did not sent the link to use it on clients.
Finally I approved access for every client as described in the white paper.
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E.Jeppesen RE: SMB only shows one client
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Your PSI installations should be registered in the SmallBusiness interface as long as the PSI you install is from the exact installer provided in SmallBusiness. It is important to note that Windows can sometimes rename files you download by adding (1) or "(2)" etc. at the end of the file. Any such modification to the name of the installer will prevent the PSI from getting connected to the SmallBusiness interface.

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