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Vulcan-2 Reminder Service - Take Six
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To the Secunia staff:

Why have you not answered my simply inquiry about the Online Software Inspector Reminder Service?

Last September, you acknowledged that the Reminder Service for the OSI is "not working as intended" and that you are "looking into how this should be handled in the future."

Last October, you had "no useful information on this topic yet" and were "still in the process of determining how to handle the OSI Reminder Service in the future."

Last December, you had "no further information on this issue" and you "bumped” your "internal bug report" on the matter.

No one from Secunia has commented on this matter since December.

In January, a link to subscribe to the Reminder Service still appeared on your Web site, yet the service was still not working.

It is now April, and nothing has changed.

Secunia, please:

The Reminder Service hasn't been functioning for nearly a year. If you're not going to reinstate it, just tell us, and remove the Reminder Service subscribe link from your Web site.

Thank you.

E.Jeppesen RE: Reminder Service - Take Six
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Thank you for your continued effort to raise this subject. Unfortunately I still have no further information on the issue. Like previously I have taken the opportunity to “bump” our internal bug report and ask those who can actually address your questions. I will return to this thread if or when I receive any useful information.

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