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wayberly Let me choose the file folder Secunia PSI scans for out-of-date programs
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It would be nice if I could select what file folders PSI checks for out-of-date programs.

I have a "Program Files" folder where all the programs that get registered go into
I have some files that are in a "My Programs" file folder that never get registered

But PSI never checks those files in the "My Programs" file folder
and I know for a fact that they some of them are in the PSI database.

So, If Secunia could find a way to let us choose the file folders PSI checks then we would get all our programs checked and make sure they are up to date.and secure.

mogs RE: Let me choose the file folder Secunia PSI scans for out-of-date programs
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Worth remembering perhaps, that psi is a free security scanner, not a general updater.
As such it scans the drive/s of your choosing for vulnerable programs.
How the Secunia PSI works
The Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI) works by examining files on your computer (primarily .exe, .dll, and .ocx files). These files contain non-specific meta information provided by the software vendor only. This data is the same for all users, and originates from the installed programs on your computer - never from their configuration. Please read the privacy statement available at the bottom of this page and through the Secunia PSI application for more details about how information from your computer is used by Secunia.

After examining all the files on your local hard drive(s), the collected data is sent to Secunia's servers, which match the data against the Secunia File Signatures engine ( to determine the exact applications installed on your system.

Hope it helps........regards........mogs

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