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Forum Thread: Features/Functional requests for Small Business Service

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NeilGo Features/Functional requests for Small Business Service
Member 4th Jul, 2013 21:29
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I am trying to put all my requests together - since it seems threads are responded too and then locked, there does not seem to be any harm in grouping them up.

Controlling Client Settings:
I would like to be able to control from the web console the "PSI" settings on the managed clients:
1) Control which drives to scan
2) Control the update behavior setting

WebConsole Summary page:
3) As mentioned in other feedback on the forum here it would also be great if the Web Console displayed a status column indicating the last time the client had updated/communicated with the web-service/console.

Question on handing/managing "manual update required" type updates?
4) I would love to get some feedback/guidance from the Product team on how they envision the Small Business product being used for items marked as "Manual Install Required".

Provide Information/explanation of what the web console menu "Settings" is supposed to do?
5) So far it seems to change the installer? What does that mean?

Client xSI installer experience
6) Provide MSI installer package instead of EXE
6) Provide guidance on what to look for to programmatically determine if the client already has the small business client. Is there an MSI Product code or Registry key we can check?
7) If you are not able to allow the console to change the update behavior of the clients, can you please provide a switch for install that can be combined with /silent to control auto-update behavior

Thank you!


E.Jeppesen RE: Features/Functional requests for Small Business Service
Secunia Official 5th Jul, 2013 11:54
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Location: Copenhagen, DK
Thank you very much for all your detailed feedback and suggestions, it is much appreciated.
NeilGo RE: Features/Functional requests for Small Business Service
Member 5th Jul, 2013 20:13
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User Since: 4th Jul 2013
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Since its not locked yet :) a little bit more feature feedback:

Request: Support additional notification options

The PSI product has the ability for the user to mark items "Ignore updates to this program".

It would be nice if I could mark programs in the following additional ways/details

Either from web console or maybe from a config file that I could distribute set the following for a program, allow the following choices...

a) Notify Small Business Web Console only
b) Notify Local Admin users and Small Business console only
c) Notify Local users and Small Business Console
d) Ignore updates to this program


Not every user who would be logged into a computer using this solution will have local admin rights. (i.e. everyday user vs. IT consultant or business IT admin).

I can also see situations where I would want to see that a client needs an update but not necessarily want the end-user to be prompted to do something.

Example being "manual update required" since so far in my testing, using the Web Console to force an update results in the update being stuck in "Updating" if the current logged in user is not a local admin.
Therefore I might want to see, in the web console, that I have manual updates needed so that I could schedule face/remote time at those computers so as to login as local admin to run the updates.

I hope this feedback is helpful.

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NeilGo RE: Features/Functional requests for Small Business Service
Member 5th Jul, 2013 20:15
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Another feature request:

Can the Small Business web console be configured to send an alert if the security scan hits a threshold?

Thank you again.

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This thread has been marked as locked.

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