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mogs Avira Upgrades Old Consumer Products to Version 2013 Free of Charge
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July 5th, 2013, 15:27 GMT By Ionut Ilascu

Today, Avira announced that it plans to refresh older consumer products and upgrade them to version 2013, with no cost for users running a paid bundle (Premium Antivirus and Internet Security).

This refers to 2- and 3-year old technology, specifically versions 2010 and 2012, which are supported for at least another year, with engine and signature updates being delivered until 01.31.2015 and 09.27.2015 respectively.

The reason behind this move is twofold. First, the company wants to make sure that its customers benefit from the best protection available.

From this point of view, provided that malware has become more cunning and elaborate, older products are no longer highly efficient in the fight against them.

The second reason is that the company wants to pour as much effort as possible into active development and improvement of the latest version of its protection suites.

Considering all this, Avira will initiate a migration process of the old versions of their products gradually, first for those still using version 2010 of the packages, on July 9, 2013, with an end date set to July 17, for all supported languages and products.

For those with 2012 builds on their systems, the procedure will commence on July 22 and it should end on August 7, 2013.

The entire operation is transparent, with a utility (upgrade assistant) being pushed to users, who have the possibility to decline the upgrade.

Furthermore, the upgrade assistant will only pop for operating systems that are supported by the latest Avira product, which do not include Windows XP SP2 and earlier.

During the procedure, all settings are transferred and the validity of the license in the case of paid products remains unaffected.

According to Avira Product Manager Sorin Mustaca, the prevalent OS among the users targeted for the migration continues to be Windows XP, although its overall market share is in drastic decline. However, the list includes newer operating systems as well, even Windows 8.


mogs RE: Avira Upgrades Old Consumer Products to Version 2013 Free of Charge
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Avira Blocks Google Chrome 28

July 11th, 2013, 14:03 GMT By Ionut Ilascu

Incompatibility between the two products makes browser unusable
Google Chrome users running Avira protection software on their systems have trouble using the latest version (Chrome 28) of the browser under a specific circumstance.

Avira confirmed that the glitch does not occur on account of the signature updates as it has already been reported by other sources but because of an incompatibility between Google Chrome 28 and Avira Browser Security component.

The company detailed the problem today in a blog post that also provides a workaround. This consists in disabling IPv6 support in Internet Protection module; restarting the system is required for the change to take effect.

This setting is not enabled by default, though, and the company informed that the development team is working to find a solution at full throttle.

Disabling the Web Protection is also effective, but the action is not recommended since it would deprive the system of an important layer of security.

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