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Forum Thread: Change host name

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arturom Change host name
Member 27th Jul, 2013 03:43
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Location: US
How would I go about changing the host name in the Secunia CSI console? Or would this need to happen on the client side? This is in regards to both Windows and Mac OSX clients.

atomra RE: Change host name
Member 30th Jul, 2013 14:07
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The host names you see in the CSI console are the actual computer names, in order to change the name of your hosts, you have to change the actual computer name of the host OS, this applies to both Windows and Mac OS's.

Kind regards,
Allan Tomra
Solution Specialist
Secunia Customer Support
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arturom RE: Change host name
Member 1st Aug, 2013 02:41
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Last edited on 1st Aug, 2013 02:42
The hostname for Windows are reflected correctly. On Mac, it keeps reverting to a hostname with a "dhcp-v..." prefix for various clients. This is even after changing the hostname with scutil command and/or the System Preferences in Sharing and Network.

scutil --set ComputerName <computername>
scutil --set HostName <computername>
scutil --set LocalHostName <computername>

It seems like it takes the name change temporarily, but then later reverts back to the random "dhcp" prefix. The console has since also started reporting multiple (duplicate) entries for the same client.
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This user no longer exists RE: Change host name
Secunia Official 1st Aug, 2013 09:04
Last edited on 1st Aug, 2013 09:05 Hi,

In the event where you've changed the name of the system while there was an active Agent installed and already reporting, the latter may not be able to make the change correctly. Could we kindly ask you to perform the following steps in the same order as listed :

1. Uninstall the CSI Agent from a single MAC machine (sudo ./csia -r -L)
2. Delete all of the entries for the corresponding machine under Hosts in the Secunia CSI console
3. Go to Single Host Agents menu and delete the Agent entry for the corresponding host
4. Go back to the MAC system and change the name again
5. Restart the MAC system
6. Install the CSI MAC Agent again after rebooting (use command sudo ./csia -i -L -d log.txt -v)

After the installation, the new Agent shall connect to your CSI console with the new name of the system. If that does not happen as expected, please send an email to reporting your case. We will further ask you to include the 'log.txt' file created as per my instructions here and screens of the full faulty name of the system listed in the CSI console. FYI, we will need this information to escalate your case to our Dev-team for further investigation.

Kind Regards | Stay Secure
Rosen Danailov | Junior Solution Specialist
Secunia Customer Support

This thread has been marked as locked.

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