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MikeVirtual Secunia Advisory SA54725
Member 18th Sep, 2013 13:16
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Running Win7x64 SP1 with all latest MS Updates.
As of this morning Secunia PSI v2 is reporting IE 10 and IE 10 x64 as insecure.
Detected version is 10.0.9200.16686 in both cases.

"This program was detected as Insecure, it is strongly recommended that you apply the latest security patch from the vendor of the program.

The version detected of Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.x was 10.0.9200.16686 while the latest version including one or more security fixes is -."

Is this a false positive/bug in PSI?

Thanks in advance,


mogs RE: Secunia Advisory SA54725
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@Mike Virtual

I've got the same Advisory referral...running IE9 on Vista....just appeared this morning with "Determining Auto Update".....
I was fully patched prior.......checked Windows Update to be sure.

The following articles pertain to it :-

Hope it helps.......regards.....mogs

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MikeVirtual RE: Secunia Advisory SA54725
Member 18th Sep, 2013 14:22
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I had read that article, and applied the fix-it from MS, but figured it may be a false positive, as I updated my mothers pc this morning and ran PSI v2 on there and hers was showing as 100% patched.

I have just remoted back in to her computer and re-ran PSI. Sure enough, hers is now showing IE 10 as insecure.

EDIT: As of 2.30pm 18/09/2013
Looks like a Secunia FALSE POSITIVE as I suggested.
Re-running scans now showing 100% secure.

Hope this helps someone else.


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