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Muadib74 How does an Anti-Virus work in particular?
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Hi Community,

I wonder how anti-virus works in particular.

For example: if McAfee alerts to have found and cleaned a virus in the browsercache (exif manipulated jpeg), could that malicous file have infected my system though?

In my suggestions the file found by mcafee must have been rendered by the browser and have then been written to the cache on the hdd.
therefore the malicious code could have allready exploited my browser.

am I right or do i miss something?

thx in advance!

Anthony Wells RE: How does an Anti-Virus work in particular?
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Hi Muadib ,

You are correct to have your doubts ; no single malware detector is going to be 100% effective . I personally do not rate McAfee very highly but something is better than nothing !! However , rule N 1is always obey/use "Safe Browsing" Rules .

It depends on the type of malware your McAfee found as to whether it could have brought in other bad stuff and/or stolen/compromised your data and of course when/how it was found :ie: was it auto defense detected or only after a scan was initiated !!

After any malware problem , it is important to run your security software again and again until it runs clean .

You do not say if you have other security software installed , but if it was me , I would run a full scan with Malwarebytes' (free) security programme software .

If you do not have it , you can get it here *** :-

***EDIT : select your language preference at the top right of this English website page .

Ask again if your are not clear about this .

Take care



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