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deaf79geek help me help me help me
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i finish download psi then i click to open but wont open and keep pop then gone...cant open it let you know this window xp home....anyone can help me i use have any my computer use for long time with psi so i buy use computer so i remember about this psi because i love it keep my computer better running good so i download then happen wont work open i try tell you clear when i click and open with white sign then gone i try again but not work but i can see iron but should be green but red and see 91% but i try click open but not work tell me how to fix it

mogs RE: help me help me help me
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Your post isn't easy to read.....hope the following helps :-

{1} Download psi using the link in M.Hansen's post here :-
Let it remove the previous version.
That will install version

{2} Check all your settings are all in accordance with those in the item of FAQ here :-

To function correctly the Secunia PSI needs to be able to connect to Secunia's servers. If you experience any issues where the Secunia PSI cannot complete scanning or where the interface will not load and show you the detected programs, then please do the following.

Open the control panel.
Open Internet Options > Security tab. In Windows7/Vista you may need to click Network and Internet to access the Internet Options.
Select the Internet zone and click Custom Level.
In Security Settings, go to the Scripting > Active Scripting option.
Make sure that Active Scripting is enabled (rather than Disabled or Prompted).
Click OK then Yes.
Back in the Security tab, select the Trusted Sites zone and click Sites.
Type in the following and click Add to add it to the Trusted Sites list: https://*
Click Close then OK.
Run the Secunia PSI again to view the scan results.
Please note that some Internet Security Suites (Kaspersky Internet Security is currently an example) have their own settings for trusted sites. In case you are using such a program, you need to allow “https://*” as a trusted site in this program as well as in Internet Explorer. If you experience any difficulty doing this, please contact the vendor of the program.

If you are still having problems with the Secunia PSI, the services on which the Secunia PSI depends may have been disabled. To verify that they are running, type “Administrative tools” in the start menu search bar or open Administrative tools from the Control Panel.

Now click the Services tool and verify that the “Secunia PSI Agent” is listed and has its “Startup type” set to “Automatic”.

Windows XP users can also try the following: Navigate to the folder where you installed the PSI (usually C:\Program Files\Secunia\PSI). Right-click the file “psi” and choose “Properties”. Go to the Compatibility tab and place a check at “Turn off advanced text services for this program”. Click OK.

{3} Run a full psi Scan

Hope it all works out for you....regards....mogs

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