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Forum Thread: Securia WILL NOT WORK in Wdws 7. Ever. Please help!

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Alan_A Securia WILL NOT WORK in Wdws 7. Ever. Please help!
Member 17th Nov, 2013 07:14
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User Since: 17th Nov, 2013
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Location: US
I have tried everything; (well, obviously NOT) but, based on Comcast's urging, would like to try this product of Secunia. I am computer literate, work on Windows 7 (by choice), and run only the Norton Security Suite AV product. I have the firewall completely turned off and ALL programs are fully up to date including MS Windows Update(s), I have downloaded PSI, installed it, uninstalled, reinstalled, uninstalled, deleted all, re-downloaded, installed, etc. & etc. — several times over. I have installed it "automatically" as well as tried to change from the defaults. I have rebooted the computer several times. Each and every time I launch it, it stops with the message: "Secunia PSI has stopped working; Problem Signature; Problem Event Name: APPCRASH".

I can't be the first and only one this has happened to but now, the frustration has made me even more determined to try to get the program to work. Anyone beat it already, that you might have suggestions?

AA in Minneapolis, MN

mogs RE: Securia WILL NOT WORK in Wdws 7. Ever. Please help!
Expert Contributor 17th Nov, 2013 09:29
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User Since: 22nd Apr 2009
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Location: UK
@Alan A

Take a look at the following thread....and the subsequent link to M.Hansen's post in another.

That should enable you to get psi installed....let it remove the previous.
Lots of users have had trouble with the later versions.

If that still isn't working, it may be neccessary to check your settings are in accordance with those in the following item of the FAQ here :-
The Secunia PSI won’t load the interface or won’t complete scanning. What can I do?

Hope it helps....regards.....mogs........

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Alan_A RE: Securia WILL NOT WORK in Wdws 7. Ever. Please help!
Member 17th Nov, 2013 09:38
Score: 0
Posts: 2
User Since: 17th Nov 2013
System Score: N/A
Location: US
I am busy from now until Monday night when I will be able try your solution(s). Buggy or not, I had spent a lot of time getting nowhere. I hadn't figured it out yet but am sure that with a good product and these links, I will figure it out quickly. Let me just say thank you right away, in advance.

My apologies for being so frustrated. Thanks much for taking the time to offer the help. —AA
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