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Forum Thread: Unable to retrieve PSI user ID from Secunia. I can't get PSI run...

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Wayne_Wright Unable to retrieve PSI user ID from Secunia. I can't get PSI running on a specific PC in my home network. PSI runs fine on 3 other PC in same home network
Member 24th Nov, 2013 21:51
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Location: US
PSI Community:

I really like the PSI product. I have it running on three of my other home PC's (my PC, daughter 1 laptop, and daughter 2 laptop), but I cannot get it to run on my wife's PC.

I get an error message "Unable to retrieve PSI user ID from Secunia.” The error message also has a blurb that Secunia does not currently support a proxy connection. I DO NOT have/use a proxy (as I said above, 3 other PCs on the same home network run Secunia just fine).

My wife's PC is running Internet Explorer 11 (but I also have Google Chrome installed and I have tried making Chrome the default browser, but I still get the same symptoms/error message. I have PSI installed.

I have searched the web and the Secunia site for fixes to this error message and I have tried all the unique recommendations that I have been able to find (IE settings for security sites, PSI in the system start-up list as auto, etc.), and I have checked all the network setting for this PC.

I am able to access from a browser window on this PC (any browser IE, Chrome).

When this PC boots up, the Secunia icon in the Taskbar notification tray shows an error message something like "please check your network connection"

This seems like it should be easy to fix, but I can't find the configuration setting that is causing the problem. I would appreciate any help/advice. I really want to be able to use the PSI product on this PC.

mogs RE: Unable to retrieve PSI user ID from Secunia. I can't get PSI running on a specific PC in my home network. PSI runs fine on 3 other PC in same home network
Expert Contributor 24th Nov, 2013 22:25
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Last edited on 24th Nov, 2013 22:37
@Wayne_ Wright

If you've checked all your settings are in accordance with the FAQ here :-
The Secunia PSI won’t load the interface or won’t complete scanning. What can I do?

You could try rolling back to a previous version.....the issue with the latest ( 9015) and IE11, is tho', supposed to be fixed. M.Hansen's post on the following thread gives a link to might still work.
The psi doesn't need to be registered to work.
I've experienced a couple of glitches over the weekend....maybe they're working on things in the background.....haps it's worth waiting and trying again tomorrow ?

Hope it helps......regards....mogs

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This thread has been marked as locked.

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