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Compumind PSI 2.0 will not initialize with XP/Sp3
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Hello all,

Started the PSI 2.0 today from the Start Menu like I usually do.

Main screen comes up then disappears immediately, no icon in system tray.
First the "white" screen comes up, then goes away in less than a second.

Cleanly uninstalled and reinstalled new PSI 2.0 .exe with same result.

Ran MBAM and SAS scans on demand with no results.
Using Norton NIS as main FW/AV. Scans clean.

Any ideas? I'm truly stumped :(


Compumind :)

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mogs RE: PSI 2.0 will not initialize with XP/Sp3
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Have you checked that a setting hasn't altered....that they conform with those in the FAQ ?
The Secunia PSI won’t load the interface or won’t complete scanning. What can I do? noting the last paragraph for XP users.

Is it worth taking a look at your firewall permissions for psi and the Agent ?

Hope it helps.........regards......mogs.......

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