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Forum Thread: Another Slow Secunia Report

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lampoilman Another Slow Secunia Report
Member 16th Jan, 2014 12:50
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Posts: 3
User Since: 9th Feb, 2013
System Score: N/A
Location: US
Last edited on 16th Jan, 2014 12:52

For the last couple of months I too have had an extremely slow secunia. All other internet
functions [youtube, email,etc..] are normal. I also get the warning that "A long script" is
causing problems.

The splash screen sits there for about 10-20 minutes THEN I get a notification message from
the task bar notification area icon that either "all programs are up to date" or I "have a program that needs updating". I have to then click on the icon and ONLY THEN does the splash screen go away and reveal the standard PSI gui.

Some thoughts for consideration
1. PSI "slow" vs. "not working" requires completely different troubleshooting

2. A 10 minute splash screen has NOTHING to do with:
a. Active Scripting
b. Registry entries
c. Trusted site status
d. Problems with AV software (not a 10 minute splash anyway!)

3. I believe that these symptoms MIGHT be caused by a "race condition" secondary to
unsafe threading. Also; ensure that the GUI is "Doublebuffered". What development
language is PSI compiled from? Your developers need to review their code; especially
with mind to the fact that many of us are getting the "long script" warning.

camphill357 RE: Another Slow Secunia Report
Member 16th Jan, 2014 13:37
Score: 0
Posts: 1
User Since: 16th Jan 2014
System Score: N/A
Location: US
Agree. I use Avast antivirus and it has nearly the same capabilities as Secunia without the hassles. I may dump PSI.
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Leendert Kip Another Slow Secunia Report
Member 16th Jan, 2014 14:27
Score: 70
Posts: 526
User Since: 22nd Jan 2009
System Score: 100%
Location: NL
Last edited on 16th Jan, 2014 14:30
@Camphill, You are absolutely wrong! Secunia PSI is not an virus checker, it checks software for security updates. However, personally I'm not experienced enough to help you with the problem. But, as you see, I use PSI about five years now and can assure you that there is a solution. Just wait till a more experiences forum member jumps in to help you.

PC: JJ Computer Services
Intel Core I3 2100 3.1Ghz
DDR3 Kingston ValueRam 4GB 1333
Windows 7 Home Premium 64bits SP1
Secunia PSI
Internet Explorer 9
Mozilla Firefox 31NL

Laptop: MSI GT780DX
Intel Core I5-2450
Windows 7 Home Premium 64bits SP1
Secunia PSI
Internet Explorer 11
Mozilla Firefox 31NL
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PNutts RE: Another Slow Secunia Report
Member 19th Jan, 2014 23:58
Score: 2
Posts: 3
User Since: 30th Aug 2012
System Score: N/A
Location: US
Today is the first time I've checked back in the forums since going back to version 2 in Aug. 2012 to see if version 3 is still slow. Yup. I recommend version 2.
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