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Forum Thread: "Stop running script?" IE8 with PSI v3.0.0.9016 solution and sugg...

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mistermarmot "Stop running script?" IE8 with PSI v3.0.0.9016 solution and suggestion
Member 7th Feb, 2014 03:44
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I had a drive dying that was running Win 7 32 bit on a Dell 6400 so I took the chance to install Win 7 64 bit on a new partition. I installed PSI and got the never ending "Stop running this script?" errors and followed the suggested course of actions to add https://* as a trusted site and make sure Scripts are Enabled but the error continued.

It's an older Win 7 64 bit DVD with IE8 preinstalled so over the next several reboots as Windows Update did it's job PSI finally started working. Noticed that I was now at IE9 so I went back and uninstalled IE9 and once back at IE8 Secunia PSI again started throwing the "Stop running script?" errors.

My suggestion is to change the system requirements FAQ ( to reflect that IE9 minimum is required.

Or patch the next version to work with IE8 again.

I preferred version 1.5 or 2 but since the d/l file is always named PSISetup.exe I continued overwriting the older versions. Still have 1.5 and possibly a version of 2 on a backup and certainly a version of I'll check to see if it has the same script problem before upgrading IE8 again and post it in a follow up comment

mistermarmot RE: "Stop running script?" IE8 with PSI v3.0.0.9016 solution and suggestion
Member 7th Feb, 2014 06:17
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OK, so works fine with IE8 once another problem was removed.

Emsisoft Online Armor installer was for version 6 and while PSI works fine with IE8 and Online Armor 6, PSI will not work until you upgrade Online Armor to version 7.

This is the one major drawback to having all software update on their own: when you need to do a system rebuild there are no current base installers at the newest version.

This is why I went mostly to portable versions of my applications so when I upgrade or build a new OS the applications are in a separate partition, properly upgraded and not in need of any reinstall.

Only certain critical programs (the firewall, PSI, anti-virus, anti-malware, Java, three utility programs and the uninstaller) needed to be reinstalled for this new OS. There are a few more that should need reinstalling but I exported their software entries from 32 bit Win 7 registry into their folders to reimport.

So in conclusion, for some reason Online Armor, PSI and IE8 won't work together even if you tell Online Armor 6 to allow * Possibly if you exclude the Secunia directory in Online Armor 6 it would fix the problem but I'm moving on.
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