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Adobe Shockwave Player 12.x

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taffy078 adobe Shockwave
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Three months ago, I had a problem. PSI had identified that v10 needed to be updated to v12.0.7.148 but the Auto Update wouldn't work.
Maurice came to my rescue here:

(Sorry but I didn't pick up your last post, Maurice. Yes - v10 had gone.)

Today, PSI found that there is a later version (v12.0.9.149) so I uninstalled then reinstalled per that thread. The Adobe download page said it was v12.0.9.149 that I was installing but it kept installing the old version,

So I uninstalled it again and let PSI install the update -it worked this time.

The only problem now is that whilst PSI only shows the latest version, Add/Remove in Control Panel shows both v 12 versions!

PS Again, I couldn't access the Program forum to post this.

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Maurice Joyce RE: adobe Shockwave
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What files & folders for the programme can you see in Windows Explorer?


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