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Forum Thread: Nature of Security risk for retaining Microsoft 97 (using only oc...

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Microsoft Word 97

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triggerlady Nature of Security risk for retaining Microsoft 97 (using only occasionally)
Member 31st Mar, 2009 21:38
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With the help of Secunia I have managed to gain 100% security level report - for which I'm very pleased. I am the only user of the laptop in question and only really use it for pleasure; ie writing poetry, etc and the occasional email to friends and private letters. My original writing programme Word 2000 was lost when my computer crashed over 12 months ago. The only writing programme I had was Word 97 which my husband installed as it was the only requirement I had. I didn't need spreadsheets or any other 'office related programs'.

I honestly can't afford to pay for the latest Microsoft office programmes and can't justify the expense of purchase when I only want the writing tool anyway. Could anyone tell me just WHY operating Word 97 is deemed to be such a risk? It works perfectly well for me at the present but I'm told by Secunia that it is a security risk and is no longer patchable. Thank you.

wr RE: Nature of Security risk for retaining Microsoft 97 (using only occasionally)
Contributor 31st Mar, 2009 23:45
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Using PSI in the Advance mode you can then open the end-of-life & Insecure headings to see where this program resides. Then click on the "+" next to the program to expand it & you will see choices at the bottom of the window that opens.

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baiken RE: Nature of Security risk for retaining Microsoft 97 (using only occasionally)
Member 1st Apr, 2009 09:37
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Code doesn't change as much between versions as you'd think. This is why when there are vulnerabilities against, say, IE 6, there are also patches for IE 7 and now IE 8 (and IE 5.5 if you have paid for Win2k support).

Therefore, any vulnerability in any subsequent version of Office may be using code which has not changed since Office 97. Thus, your software may or may not have dozens of vulnerabilities which malware authors can hit (even if they're aiming at Office 2000, XP, 2003, or 2007).

If you can't afford the upgrade, then I suggest you try It's not as slick as a modern version of MS Office, but it's leaps and bounds ahead of Office 97 and it supports file formats and features that Office 97 does not.
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