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besatanas Virus inside archive proposed
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According to the PSI proposal to download xchat 2.8.7c.exe to correct a vulnerability, it's seems, according to antivir (up to date) that the file contain a virus

Here the report of the antivirus:
Dans le fichier 'C:\Users\php\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temp orary Internet Files\Content.IE5\907BLVUQ\xchat-2.8.7c[1].exe'
un virus ou un programme indésirable 'TR/Crypt.CFI.Gen' [trojan] a été détecté.
Action exécutée : Refuser l'accès

It's seems that on the website,they have the xchat 2.8.7e.exe version witch is looking safe.
Is there a false positiv, or that file is compromised


Anthony Wells RE: Virus inside archive proposed
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I don't know about xChat , but you can load your file to Avira (even a quarantine one) as a possible FP ; I use this link usually :-

They usually have a pretty quick turnaround .

You can always double check using Jotti and VirusScan.

Avira gets the odd FP if you have the heuristics set to high.

Better safe than sorry.

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