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calintexas Need to Delay Autostart, But PSI Monitors Startup List
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One of my PC's is connected to the router wirelessly using WPA2 encryption. It takes about 30 seconds from Windows login to complete the network connection. I've tried WinPatrol to delay PSI autostarting until the network connection is made, but PSI just inserts itself back into the immediate startup list. I could turn off "Start the Secunia PSI on Boot" on the PSI settings page and then just start it with a start timing instruction in WinPatrol, but then according to the PSI settings page Program Monitoring will only work if "Start the Secunia PSI on Boot" is enabled. Does anyone have experience with this? Does Program Monitoring actually work once PSI is running even if "Start the Secunia PSI on Boot" is turned off? Anyone have a solution?

This isn't a big deal. I've already sped up & stablized computer startup by delaying Malwarebytes protection and a couple of low priority updaters. Delaying PSI is just the final piece. It was issues with the new vesrion of Malwarebytes Protection starting properly that led me down the startup delay utilities path. So far, I'm impressed with WinPatrol (free version).

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luolimao RE: Need to Delay Autostart, But PSI Monitors Startup List
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When they say it won't monitor programs, they mean it won't monitor other programs until you start the PSI (but it will start monitoring after that), so turning off "Start PSI on boot" and using Winpatrol should give you the result you want.
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Anthony Wells RE: Need to Delay Autostart, But PSI Monitors Startup List
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FWIW , it has been explained to me , as a total non techie , that the delay from Windows loading to full network connection is down to your modem/router confirming it's IP address and is different to any dalay caused by too many programmes fighting in your startup menu.

I have 6 programmes set to run in startup - PSI included - but the time to a "stable" desktop seems to be governed by my modem connection .

You may find that you can connect to the net and start work before the router has finished it's job - no , don't ask :o))


Edit : I've also been told that certain programmes may hold up the boot until the IP address is acquired , which might explain the Malwarebytes result. Not sure if PSI fits that category , but my Internet Security Suite seems to do so. You could check your load times with and without the LAN connection.


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