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samson12 Cannot install Java 6-15
Member 18th Aug, 2009 13:41
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Is anyone having problems installing tbe latest Java 6-15?
I am getting error massages: "Uncompression of download file failed".

i have read some of the information on the thread that says go to Start > control panel > java icon

but i can not find the java icon in my control panel. Can you please help ?

mogs RE: Cannot install Java 6-15
Expert Contributor 18th Aug, 2009 16:05
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Have you actually installed JavaRe ? Where is the error message occurring ? Is Secunia saying it is insecure/unpatched ?
The best course of action may be to uninstall and install anew. There are plenty of posts already on the forum...particularly helpful being any by Maurice on the subject.
Here is a link you may also find of use:-

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