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Forum Thread: I mistakenly deleted my audio/sound card? etc. and needed devices.

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janicesanf I mistakenly deleted my audio/sound card? etc. and needed devices.
Member 5th Sep, 2009 20:51
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Is there any way,site,program that can help me rectify this BIG BOO BOO?

As you can tell I'm a novice,learning by trial & error. (I've had to do a system reboot 2 times already) PLEASE,PLEASE, go ahead & make jokes; but when you're done laughing at me HELP!

Old Phil RE: I mistakenly deleted my audio/sound card? etc. and needed devices.
Member 5th Sep, 2009 21:09
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Location: Jamesport, US
Go to add and remove hardware, let the system scan for what is installed. 99% of the time it will find all installed hardware, if it asks for your system disk put it in in may very well have the drivers for the hardware. If you know the models of your sound & audio you can down load them from the internet, if not down load File Hippo give it a try it does a pretty good job of finding what may be missing.


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Anthony Wells RE: I mistakenly deleted my audio/sound card? etc. and needed devices.
Expert Contributor 5th Sep, 2009 22:25
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Last edited on 5th Sep, 2009 22:46
Mistakes happen all the time & we all make them , plus things break anyway with time ; so the absolute "Golden Rule" is that you should "back up" off your computer anything you cannot afford to lose from your computer - your treasured photo's , music , literary masterpiece , etc. , whatever and then "back up" the "back up" (on a different media if possible) and keep them safe.

What is broken otherwise can be fixed.

I don't have enough Techie advice to be able to help you specifically , but try to find your own "expert" who can help you through your early problems - in person , so to speak ; and while it is easy to say , never delete anything unless you are 200% sure you will never ever need it again , move it maybe , get rid of , no.
OH , beware of fiddling in the Registry.

Good luck & don't be shy to to keep on asking.

Here's a link which tells you how to "roll back drivers" (in case they are still on your machine ;-

That's XP , this is Vista :-

This site may be of other help to you.


It always seems impossible until its done.
Nelson Mandela
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This thread has been marked as locked.

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