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Forum Thread: Simple View Says I'm Ok - Advanced View Shows 7 Issues

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MadMax1412 Simple View Says I'm Ok - Advanced View Shows 7 Issues
Member 25th Sep, 2009 01:20
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I read in a "Windows Secret" weekly email that there had been reports that PSI was not reporting issues which could be found by doing an on-line scan.

I therefore did a scan from the "Simple" interface of PSI and it reported I was 100% ok.

I then went on-line and did a scan from which showed 4 insecure versions installed.

I then went to the Advanced tab of PSI and it says I have 6 insecure and 1 end-of-life.

The 2 insecure versions not detected by the on-line scan were:

Microsoft XML Core Services (MSXML) 4x; and
TrendMicro OfficeScan Corporate Edition 8.x

The End-of_life program was:

Cisco VPN Client 4.x

Even with the difference between Advanced Interface and the on-line scan, the concerning part is that the Simple Interface is still showing me as OK.


wr RE: Simple View Says I'm Ok - Advanced View Shows 7 Issues
Contributor 25th Sep, 2009 05:27
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Last edited on 25th Sep, 2009 05:31
Hi MadMax1412,
Secunias philosophy for the Simple mode in the PSI is "better to patch 1 program than none at all." By reading the functions of each scanner i.e. OSI/PSI the OSI only scans 70 programs whereas the PSI does hundreds in Simple or Advance mode. Again by reading the functions of each mode
Simple mode only does 'easy to patch' programs where Advance requires a little more technical skills to patch some programs.
This is the reason for the Forum. If you have a problem patching a
program just post the details here & someone will 'stop by' to lend a helping hand.

Regards, wr
EDIT: As an example of Forum use, use the Search function & enter MSXML 4.x

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The weakest link of a computer system is always sitting in front of the monitor.
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MadMax1412 RE: Simple View Says I'm Ok - Advanced View Shows 7 Issues
Member 25th Sep, 2009 06:06
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User Since: 14th Apr 2009
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Thank you for your reply.

The only reason I came across this was due to my weekly email from WindowsSecret, which btw, was how I was introduced to PSI in the first place.

The section from this week's newsletter read:

[/QUOTE]Secunia's Personal Software Inspector (PSI) and other tools are designed to identify out-of-date applications. PSI is free for home use and available on the Secunia site.

Unfortunately, many Windows Secrets readers report that they're getting inconsistent results when they use PSI. Whenever I encounter difficulties like this, I uninstall and then reinstall the program. After I reboot the machine, the detection problems are usually fixed. You can also compare PSI's scan results with those of Secunia's Online Software Inspector (OSI) service.[/UNQUOTE]

I'm glad to know that there's nothing to worry about and will investigate patching those programs shown under the "Advanced View" and will contact the forum if I have any problems.


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