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Forum Thread: True enterprise/multi-user support?

You are currently viewing a forum thread in the Secunia Community Forum. Please note that opinions expressed here are not of Secunia but solely reflect those of the user who wrote it.

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BradJudy True enterprise/multi-user support?
Member 9th Oct, 2009 19:00
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User Since: 9th Oct, 2009
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I just started using CSI 3 beta (I've been a PSI user at home for quite some time) and I'm a bit disappointed in the lack of enterprise level features in the product (but quite happy in the detection capability and vast collection of apps that Secunia tracks).

In particular, there seems to be minimal support for managing large deployments. There is a basic grouping capability, but several key, common, enterprise features appear to be lacking:

1. The interface appears to be for the local host only. I was expecting either a web-based interface, or the ability to install a console app on a different system and point it to a CSI server.

2. There doesn't seem to be multi-user access with delegation. Ideally, I should be able to have the IT admin from department A log in and view the results for the systems in their department/group. This would also require some authentication and authorization support.

3. Reporting is very basic. One of the keys to demonstrating the effectiveness and value of a product or security initiative is being able to readily demonstrate the impact. Timeline charts would be a good addition - showing overall changes to applications security, group level changes and application specific changes. For example, if my org has a lot of non-updated JRE installs and I make a push to get them updated, a simple line graph showing number of vulnerable installs over time is a quick check of our progress. There are more reports that would be nice, but I think that's the top of my list.

As I said, the underlying technology is great, CSI just needs some extra features to improve usability and value for an enterprise.



iivarsson RE: True enterprise/multi-user support?
Secunia Official 12th Oct, 2009 13:40
Score: 11
Posts: 41
User Since: 6th Oct 2009
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Location: Copenhagen, DK
Hi Brad.
Thank you for testing the CSI 3.0 Beta.

The CSI comes with Active Directory browser, that lets import AD infrastructure when doing manual scan. When using the agent to scan, you have the option to install it with the group option -g (default grouping is the domain-name if unspecified).

1. There is no web-interface, but the CSI-application can be installed on any host, and when logging in with your username/password you will access your account-data wherever you log in.

2. The multi-user feature can be implemented with CSI, the product is called 'User management'. Contact Secunia if you want to have more information on that.

3. There is a lot of reporting capabilities in the CSI under 'Generate Reports'. But we are always grateful for suggestions.

Thank you for your input.

BradJudy RE: True enterprise/multi-user support?
Member 12th Oct, 2009 19:59
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Posts: 2
User Since: 9th Oct 2009
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Location: N/A
Since the console can be installed anywhere and access the data, does that mean all of the vulnerability data regarding my company's hosts would be stored on Secunia's servers?

The "Generate Reports" section only has three report options, none of which provide the type of reporting I mentioned (tracking over time).

Thanks for the note about User Management. Who should I ask about that?

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iivarsson RE: True enterprise/multi-user support?
Secunia Official 13th Oct, 2009 12:45
Score: 11
Posts: 41
User Since: 6th Oct 2009
System Score: N/A
Location: Copenhagen, DK

Yes, it is correct that the data is stored on Secunia's servers, you see
more on this page:

Data for commercial customers are covered by the Secunia T&C:

Customers with special requirements with regards to the confidentiality
of vulnerability information may purchase the CSI-Server Edition which
stores all data locally on the customers own network.

Please send an e-mail to with you contact information and we will contact you regarding our solutions.

Best regards

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