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Forum Thread: Secunia & Internet?

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eDOC Secunia & Internet?
Member 9th Jan, 2010 21:19
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User Since: 18th May, 2009
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Secunia PSI gives me issues while using the internet. My zoom adsl X6 modem internet light turns red from green while Secunia connects to its server.

I have to power off/unplug the modem & than turn it on several times occasionally.

Errors: Secunia unable to connect, DNS unable to resolve IP, Dead PPP....

For me Secunia PSI becomes more of a headache than help.

Hoping to hear your thoughts.


eDOC RE: Secunia & Internet?
Member 10th Jan, 2010 14:59
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User Since: 18th May 2009
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I am using

When I install PSI, get issues i.e. disconnection from internet off & on.

Without PSI it works ok....strange?
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Anthony Wells RE: Secunia & Internet?
Expert Contributor 10th Jan, 2010 15:30
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Last edited on 10th Jan, 2010 15:49
I have only experienced a modem internet light colour change when the ISP carrier has had a problem finding an IP address for my system to connect to the internet , that is , when there is a failure in the link between the modem and the server ***. please note , my system is in France .
You may want to check with your carrier and the modem supplier to check it's configuration .

A security system firewall setting can also block your DHCP and/or DNS connections - for me it does not affect the lights on the modem , as the block is between my PC and the modem . You may need to look at your firewall settings both in the modem (hardware) and any software firewall you have installed .

IE needs to be configured to allow PSI to access it's servers at Secunia (as described here):-

IF all else fails you can always contact Secunia direct by email at ; they
will be back to work tomorrow.

Hope this helps.

Take care

*** to be clear , this means that there is a fault on my telephone line and there is no IP allocated to me .


It always seems impossible until its done.
Nelson Mandela
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This user no longer exists RE: Secunia & Internet?
Member 10th Jan, 2010 16:57
I do not have a problem with PSI and I use a 2Wire 2701HG-E that is similar to your modem:

My lights are a constant green.

Contact your ISP and complain that the connection keeps dropping.

I had a problem once and I had to get the phone company to fix my phone connection as it had a poor connection and they ran some line diagnostics to isolate the problem.
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eDOC RE: Secunia & Internet?
Member 11th Jan, 2010 14:59
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Posts: 22
User Since: 18th May 2009
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After unpluggin / turning the modem power off & repluggin it it gets connected both to the internet & PSI times I have to do it several times in 24 hrs.....I do get conncetd to PSI & have a 100% score but this forced me to uninstall it?
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