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NR QUINN adobe flash player 10.x
Member 21st Jan, 2010 15:21
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I have installed this and went back to check if it was in there in control panel and when I rescanned psi it wont remove it . It is so ugh when your time is limited and I cannot stay on this trying to fix it . any suggestions to this ?

mogs RE: adobe flash player 10.x
Expert Contributor 21st Jan, 2010 18:06
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I've read thro' your post a couple of times, and find I'm not certain of what it is you are trying to achieve. If you havn't got the time to write it out properly, it may be better to postpone till you have.
The intimation seems to be, that you've downloaded Flash: that maybe Secunia is detecting as insecure, and now you wish to uninstall it, or maybe Secunia ? Do you think you could clarify the issue?

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