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HolgerBraun different browser
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first i want to say, that this is really a helpful programm.

But Ive one problem: when I get a message from the system, that one of my installed programs has a secure problem it would be a great help, if I also would get the message for which of my installed browsers the problem belongs (Ive installed IE & firefox). Or did I something fundamental misunderstood?

Sorry for my poor english.

thanks a lot


mogs RE: different browser
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You'd be able to obtain more information if you were to switch to the Advanced Secunia interface....which also includes a Secure Browser tab/section.
Clcking on any +sign in any of the tabs will expand/enlarge that particular program/entry; to veiw in greater detail.
For a very long time now, Internet Explorer has had a vulnerability, which will show up even tho' you may be up to date. Tis very likely tis that which is being indicated.
I hope my English is easily understood. Regards.

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Maurice Joyce RE: different browser
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It should tell U.


To locate the exact file that the Secunia PSI has detected, use or switch to the ADVANCED interface, then :

1 Click on the + sign of the programme to "expand' it.
2 Click on Technical Details in the Toolbox to see the installation path of the detected file. (Copy (CTRL+C) & paste (CTRL+V) the Installation Path of the file back to the Forum if U are unsure what to do next).

Edit: Looks like U have two for the price of one!

22:33 29/01/2010


Windows 7 SP1 64 Bit OS
HP Intel Pentium i7
IE 11 for Windows 7 SP1
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