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Forum Thread: Adobe Shockware Player 11.x NPA PI & ActiveX

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This user no longer exists Adobe Shockware Player 11.x NPA PI & ActiveX
Member 7th Feb, 2010 01:06
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Ran Secunia and found two security problems:

Adobe Shockwave Player 11.x NPAPI
Adobe Shockwave Player 11.x ActiveX

They are both Level4, and while I've looked at the Adobe website and have tried to figure out what to do from the PSI readout, I can't find how to fix either problem.

I am new to Secunia and thrilled to get the needed information. Everything else seems to be all right. Primarily I use Firefox, though I do use Opera at times. I'm only using Internet Explorer now, because when you click on stuff for Secunia or Adobe, Internet Explorer pops up. Frankly, I would rather use another browser and will have to figure out how I can work that out. I'm a relative newbie to doing my own troubleshooting, but it's necessary that I learn.

I run XP and have good security in general, maybe a little too much, but it seems everyone I consult has a different opinion, which makes it difficult. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
I've hoped to find updates or patches, but have not so far.


TiMow RE: Adobe Shockware Player 11.x NPA PI & ActiveX
Dedicated Contributor 7th Feb, 2010 10:42
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Last edited on 7th Feb, 2010 16:52
Hello desert_gold

You should be running Secunia PSI in Advanced Mode (see top right of page). If the word "Advanced" is in blue and underlined then you need to click on it. If not, you`re already there.

Near the top are the tabs - any showing in red require attention - 1st Insecure, then End of Life - Secure Browsing cannot be directly affected and is for info purposes.

I would guess that the 2 shockwave problems are in insecure - click this tab; and on l.h.s of each listing is a "+". By clicking on this you expand for more info. Here you find the toolbox icons. Click "Download Solution" - to go to the correct Adobe Shockwave download site and proceed to download and install the current versions in the normal way.

I have the following versions installed, which I believe to be the latest patched versions:

Adobe Shockwave Player (ActiveX)

Adobe Shockwave Player (NPAPI)

Updating Adobe software is sometimes a bit more involved than with other programs, but if I remember rightly, with Shockwave, the above instructions should work.

If not, you must reboot your system and re-run PSI scan (which is always advisable after an update, anyway).
If the problem is not solved then return here to the forum for more advice.

Re. your browser issue; it may just be a case of setting Firefox as your default browser - if you are unsure, then follow this link for details:

// +the+default+browser

(sorry, the link location didn`t copy properly - you have to highlight, copy and paste to the address bar, or in help menu on Firefox, click on Firefox Help and type "default browser" in search box, and choose 2nd one down)

To change your start menu internet browser - right click "Start">Then Properties>next Start menu tab>customise>in General choose Firefox from dropdown.

Re. security; that is a personal thing and many have their own preferences. But in addition to what system(s) you have in place, Secunia PSI is a good addition to have, as it informs and offers solutions to keeping software up to date, which is one of the key issues in internet security.

If nothing else, the knowledge bank of contributors on the forum will aid the learning process greatly.

Good luck.


Computing is not yet a perfect science - it still requires humans.
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TiMow RE: Adobe Shockware Player 11.x NPA PI & ActiveX
Dedicated Contributor 7th Feb, 2010 15:23
Score: 737
Posts: 728
User Since: 26th Jun 2009
System Score: N/A
Location: CH
Hello again desert_gold

Just in case you`re in a different time zone to European (or maybe just a night owl), I`m adding some further info., if what I have already suggested in the above reply doesn`t work; to save some time.

It worked for me, but not for everyone. Sometimes, with some Adobe software, you must uninstall the old, before updating, using a downloaded Adobe uninstall program. (Removing, using "Add/Remove Programs", isn`t sufficient in this case).

I`ve lifted some info from a similar thread, by Maurice Joyce, who is knowledgable on Adobe. (some content has been deleted for simplification).


by Maurice Joyce on 22nd Jan, 2010 10:10
Posts: 2,078


1. Uninstall Shockwave for your OS from the clearly marked link here:

2. Reboot to clear out any left over ocx files.

3. Rescan using PSI. Are there any outstanding files that are insecure? These should be cleared out before proceeding to serial 4.

4. Reinstall Shockwave from here:

5. If you wish to test your new Shockwave Player the link is here:


Additional related threads on this topic on the forum, can be viewed by typing "Adobe Shockwave" in the search box at the top of the forum page.

Hope you can resolve this issue without too much hassle.


Computing is not yet a perfect science - it still requires humans.
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This user no longer exists RE: Adobe Shockware Player 11.x NPA PI & ActiveX
Member 7th Feb, 2010 19:34
Thanks for all the suggestions. I was concerned enough that I decided just to uninstall, and then reinstall the two "shockware players." I figured hopefully that if they completely uninstalled and I installed the latest, it would hopefully be fixed and if I ran Secunia again, I would find out that was true.

So, that's what I did. This time Secunia said "NO" vulnerabilities, etc., so hopefully everything is great now. However, thanks for all the suggestions. Really appreciate. If what I tried hadn't worked, I would now be plowing through what you all suggested. Again thanks.

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This thread has been marked as locked.

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