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Forum Thread: Why Secunias reliance on IE?

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DougM Why Secunias reliance on IE?
Member 21st Feb, 2010 22:39
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User Since: 14th Feb, 2010
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Location: UK
Hi, my apologies if this has been covered in other threads. I've installed PSI on a new Win7 64-bit system and all seems to be working fine apart from the fact that on the 'overview' tab I can't view the 'program overview' or the 'historic development' section - both insist I install flash for IE and that I use IE for the install. I'm using Google Chrome as my browser and am reluctant to install IE on this machine.
Is there any forecast for when Secunia may support other browsers?


thedillpickl RE: Why Secunias reliance on IE?
Contributor 22nd Feb, 2010 07:08
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Location: US
Hi DougM;

Sorry I'm not very familiar with 7, perhaps someone else will add input.

The question has been raised before. I believe a Secunia Official even posted with a response (sorry, couldn't find the thread, it was awhile back). The short answer is, 'because they do'. I know that's not the answer your looking for.

In the FWIW catagory, I use IE8 with no complaints. Others on the forum have convinced me to try Chrome, so I will. But only so they will leave me alone. Then I'll probably go back to IE (I can be a real creature of habit). Personally, I'm more concerned with the vulnerablity of Adobe Flash that that of IE.

Apologies again;


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Chrome, Firefox, IE8
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TiMow RE: Why Secunias reliance on IE?
Dedicated Contributor 22nd Feb, 2010 07:37
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User Since: 26th Jun 2009
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Location: CH
Unfortunately, I think if you`re using Microsoft (Windows) based OS (and not Mac), you may have to accept that the nature of the beast is that they`re all interdependent.

As soon as you run Windows Update, (as far as I`m aware) it uses IE.

Until Secunia offer an alternative for their graphics display, you may just have to bite your lip, and install IE, purely for those instances where you have no choice.

I have it but dont use it for browsing, just for the above mentioned instances. I could also quite easily live without it.


Computing is not yet a perfect science - it still requires humans.
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This user no longer exists RE: Why Secunias reliance on IE?
Member 22nd Feb, 2010 09:25

The PSI relies on IE, but this doesn't require you to install it. Internet Explorer is an integrated part of Windows, and can never truly be removed. You are not required to use IE in your daily work to use the PSI, as the build-in windows version should suffice.

As for flash, it's only necessary if you want to have all the graphical displays and other effect the PSI offers. A flash-free user should have no problems using the PSI.

Hope this helps.
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DougM RE: Why Secunias reliance on IE?
Member 22nd Feb, 2010 21:39
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User Since: 14th Feb 2010
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Location: UK
Thanks Emil - and all the other replies received. I like the graphs so think I'll run IE just for that purpose ! Thanks again.

Great Forum and great product.
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