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Forum Thread: Version 3.2 of openOffice not recognized

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jcpedersen Version 3.2 of openOffice not recognized
Member 28th Feb, 2010 16:07
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Posts: 4
User Since: 28th Aug, 2009
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Location: DK
I got a warning that openOffice v. 3.1.9420.500 may be unsecure etc.etc.
So, I upgraded to version 3.2 as suggested by Secunia.

The installation succeeded, and I am now running version 3.2.9476.500 according to the properties of the swriter.exe file.

But Secunia still reports the 3.1 version. The path is correct, so can anyone tell me whats wrong ?

The path is C:\Program Files\ 3\program\soffice.exe on my Windows Vista machine, which is pretty normal I guess.

TiMow RE: Version 3.2 of openOffice not recognized
Dedicated Contributor 28th Feb, 2010 17:31
Score: 737
Posts: 728
User Since: 26th Jun 2009
System Score: N/A
Location: CH
Hello jcpedersen

1) Confirm that latest O.O. (3.2.9476.500) is in fact recognised by PSI as present and patched.
Assuming you`re in advanced mode, click on the patched tab, and scroll down to O.O. and here you can check the version number detected - it should be as numbered above.

2) Where the old 3.1 is showing (again assuming) in insecure, expand with the [+] and in toolbox click the open folder icon. If you find both the current 3.2 version, and the old 3.1 version, you can delete the old version.

Normally new installations of O.O should overwrite / uninstall the previous version on installation.

I`ve just performed the above open folder procedure and found an empty file from 2.1 - so sometimes elements can be left behind.

If the above, is in fact the case, then you should also re-boot and re-scan PSI, after deletion.


Computing is not yet a perfect science - it still requires humans.
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jcpedersen RE: Version 3.2 of openOffice not recognized
Member 28th Feb, 2010 19:23
Score: 0
Posts: 4
User Since: 28th Aug 2009
System Score: N/A
Location: DK
Thanks for the reply, TiMow

When I updated OO the old 3.1 version exe-file was replaced by the 3.2 version.
I used the 'open folder' button, found the swriter.exe file and checked the version in properties.
So I think it's a bit strange that PSI still reports version 3.1 when I press the 'scan program' button. If it doesn't check the exe-file when I press 'scan program', what does it do then ?

Anyway, I ran a total re-scan, and the problem disappeared. But I'm disappointed that I had to do this :(

- Jens
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This user no longer exists RE: Version 3.2 of openOffice not recognized
Member 1st Mar, 2010 09:08
Often when installing (since we may detect version numbers from different files, etc) it's better to do a full scan. Program detection should catch on to it right away, but before deciding there's an error, it's a good idea to try a full rescan.

Hope this helps.
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