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Forum Thread: Interface Mode: Simple vs. Advanced??

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Foxtrot048 Interface Mode: Simple vs. Advanced??
Member 1st Mar, 2010 02:20
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User Since: 1st Mar, 2010
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When I chose "Advanced" mode, Secunia reports that I have two problems with Microsoft Core Services (msmxl 4.x) I have been unable to fix these after over a year of beating my head against my computer. When I change the Interface Mode to "Simple", Secunia says that this threat has been removed and gives me a 100 % rating. Why does Microsoft XML Core Services (MSXML) 4.x show up when I use the "Advanced" mode and does not show up if I use the "Simple" mode? Can I consider my computer safe from threats if I continue to use the Simple mode. Interface Mode can be found at the upper right hand corner of the Secunia "overview" page.

WinXP SP3, Firefox, Tbird



thedillpickl RE: Interface Mode: Simple vs. Advanced??
Contributor 1st Mar, 2010 03:21
Score: 376
Posts: 872
User Since: 3rd May 2009
System Score: 100%
Location: US
Last edited on 1st Mar, 2010 03:24
Hi John;

That would be great if we could click on 'Simple' to make our computers safe, wouldn't it? Sorry, the vulnerability still exists, even if you don't know it's there.

The 'Simple' mode hides things to make basic users feel OK.

PSI gives much useful information when ran in 'Advanced' mode. I would suggest you leave it there.

Maurice Joyce gives instructions for updating MSXML 4, .

Do not be confused about SP2 & SP3. MSXML SP3 was not included in the XP SP3 update to you machine. You have to do it manually, as Maurice describes. Say 'thank you' Microsoft!



XP Home
Chrome, Firefox, IE8
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Foxtrot048 RE: Interface Mode: Simple vs. Advanced??
Member 3rd Mar, 2010 02:22
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Posts: 4
User Since: 1st Mar 2010
System Score: N/A
Location: N/A
I have successfully updated MSXML 4 and now Secunia gives me a 100% System score, but it reports 2 insecure browsers. The first refers to the "Ask Toolbar 4X" and the second is a problem with Internet Explorer 8x. Secunia indicates that there is no solution to this problem. Do I just ignore these? What the heck is the Ask Toolbar and can I remove it and get rid of the problem? If I remember right it was classified dangerous in the Secunia advisory.

I use WinXP SP3 and Firefox 3.6. Also, IE 8

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TiMow RE: Interface Mode: Simple vs. Advanced??
Dedicated Contributor 3rd Mar, 2010 07:29
Score: 737
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User Since: 26th Jun 2009
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Location: CH
Last edited on 3rd Mar, 2010 07:57
Hello Foxtrot048

IE8 has shown as insecure in secure browsing for a long time now. This is not expected to change until the introduction of IE9. It is still usable, with safe browsing habits, although there are other more secure browsers available.

Ask Toolbar often is installed on the back of another program - eg it is a default extra with Foxit Reader; and by only using custom install with this, can you untick the checkbox that kindly sneaks Ask in through the backdoor.

My advice to you is to uninstall Ask, using Add/Remove programs from control panel.

Always advisable to reboot afterwards, but definately rescan PSI, to confirm its deletion.


EDIT. As you are a user of Ff. 3.6, I was surprised that you didn`t mention that, that was also insecure under secure browsing. As of my latest scan yesterday, it was still red - cat.4. Have Secunia changed their rules between then and now?

Computing is not yet a perfect science - it still requires humans.
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Foxtrot048 RE: Interface Mode: Simple vs. Advanced??
Member 4th Mar, 2010 15:50
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Posts: 4
User Since: 1st Mar 2010
System Score: N/A
Location: N/A
I was successful in uninstalling the Ask Toolbar and a rescan by Secunia confirmed it's deletion. You are right, Both IE8 and Firefox 3.6 came up as insecure with Secunia. Will they ever fix this?

Thanks for all of your help with these problems.

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This thread has been marked as locked.

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