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Greatdane Patch for Skype 4x
Member 20th Mar, 2010 09:43
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Followed PSI's solution, which led to a download. After download, a window popped up saying (can't remember exact wording) that it was incompatible with msi.
Would appreciate help from anyone as I didn't understand the problem. I am on a broadband LAN connection. Haven't re-scanned since download wouldn't work. Assume problem still exists.
Thanks, Greatdane

mogs RE: Patch for Skype 4x
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I've had the same problem....but uninstalled via Revouninstaller, and then downloaded the 155 version via Computeractive ( a reiteration ): result: Skype showing in Secure Browsing tab, in IE8, as itself "insecure no solution " and in the Patched tab as such. Meaning that I can do no more at the moment, as no further update is available from the vendor.
Luckily, I don't use the application very much, and obviously will be more careful until Skype address the issue. Regards

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This user no longer exists RE: Patch for Skype 4x
Member 22nd Mar, 2010 09:34

Could I ask which version of skype you are running (exactly, subversions are relevant)?
Did you use the main skype installer from the official site?
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