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daveid adobe acrobat reader 4.X and 5.X
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Can't get the above 2 topics to disappear after doing the downloads and then re-scanning. Any ideas?

mogs RE: adobe acrobat reader 4.X and 5.X
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Do you perhaps mean, that you have updated Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader, and yet Secunia is still detecting those titles as insecure?
Older files are often left behind after doing an update.....Secunia will detect them even if they are in the Recycle bin.
You need to provide more information for someone to help.
If you switch to the Advanced interface ( really not that difficult, tho' maybe a little daunting); you will be able to access more information.
Clicking on the +sign alongside a prog/entry will expand that. You will find the file path to the insecurity and can confirm it by clicking on Tech Details. You can return to the forum with that info if you are not sure how to proceed.

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This user no longer exists RE: adobe acrobat reader 4.X and 5.X
Member 31st Mar, 2010 09:41

Both Acrobat 4.x & 5.x are End-Of-Life. This means that the vendors no longer support the programs, and that they will always be flagged as "EOL", simply because the vendor no longer supports the program.

hope this helps.
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