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Forum Thread: Google Chrome

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California Google Chrome
Member 7th Apr, 2010 10:28
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User Since: 7th Apr, 2010
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Location: DK
Why do i have 2 chrome browsers in PSI?

I have

and i have

My os is Win7.In controlpanel-programs i have only one google chrome

I also have 2 google gears


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mogs RE: Google Chrome
Expert Contributor 7th Apr, 2010 10:42
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User Since: 22nd Apr 2009
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Location: UK
Last edited on 7th Apr, 2010 10:54
I'm not, unfortunately aux fait, with the current Stable versions of Chrome, but may be able to enlighten you a little.
When Chrome that Stable, Beta, or Dev channel versions; it leaves behind the older version/files/gears.
In your case it "sounds" like the Stable version has updated and done just that.
Simply delete/remove the older.
It might be worth you noting here that Secunia only monitors's possible you've got both showing in your Secure Browsing tab?
It's a bit brighter here this morning....but you've always got the best of it?

If you click on the + sign alongside your Gears...the entry will expand to show you the file path. You will note that the version number is present within that, and relative to the version of Chrome that you wish to keep or the one you wish to delete.

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TiMow RE: Google Chrome
Dedicated Contributor 7th Apr, 2010 11:22
Score: 737
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User Since: 26th Jun 2009
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Location: CH
Last edited on 7th Apr, 2010 12:10
Hi California

Just to add on what @ mogs has written.

Version is the latest stable version - can be deleted. For every Chrome file there is automatically a gears - when you delete the old Chrome, the old gears will go too.

To delete the old Chrome file, use PSI in advanced mode (top right of PSI page).

Under patched tab, scroll down to Google Chrome, then click on [+] to expand.

Here are the toolbox icons. Click on Open Folder to go to location of Chrome. Highlight old version (, right click, then delete.

For Information:

For me, the last 2 updates of Chrome have upgraded automatically, without any input from myself, or even having Chrome open.

A week after the first "auto" update, the old file was automatically deleted. The only reason I know this, was as I was doing other work, the notification bubble appeared, showing removed Chrome and gears. I have, and am waiting to see if, will also be automatically removed - it's time about now.

Chrome is not my default, and as Ff. is again secure, Chrome is seldom opened, yet the update and removal still occurred.

Make your own mind up, whether this is a good thing or not - it makes life easier, but I like to be in control of and be aware of what's happening.


EDIT: One final thought. In the past when I've manually deleted an old Chrome file, it goes into recycle bin. The version ( file, that was "automatically" removed is nowhere to be found - not in recycle bin (I still have 3 other older versions still here - but not that one).

Computing is not yet a perfect science - it still requires humans.
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California RE: Google Chrome
Member 7th Apr, 2010 16:14
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User Since: 7th Apr 2010
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Location: DK
Thank you, mogs and TiMow

The old version is gone now. First it was moved to recycle bin,but PSI

found it again.It must also be deleted from recycle bin.
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mogs RE: Google Chrome
Expert Contributor 7th Apr, 2010 17:08
Score: 2265
Posts: 6,266
User Since: 22nd Apr 2009
System Score: 100%
Location: UK
Hello again California !
It's not an absolute rule....but common of some, that, when up dating, the old files need to be removed manually. In some instances they need be moved before updating. Yes, Secunia will continue to detect the old in the Recycle bin.
I guess I'm happier with the many things Chrome does, and don't always count as a fault, what it doesn't. I don't think I'm in love and with a blind eye ! It's got too many blessings to count !!!

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