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flowers Secunia PSI is not responding
Member 14th Apr, 2010 19:25
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Secunia PSI is not responding. What is my problem?

mogs RE: Secunia PSI is not responding
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It may be that you need to configure your settings in Internet Explorer.
This is from memory; havn't done it for a little while; trying to refresh as I write !
Go to Tools in IE....Internet Options......Trusted Sites.....Sites....if not already present......put https://psi. secunia .com in the box.
Then go to Advanced......down to Security, and uncheck the box "check for server certificate revocation".
Hope this is useful,

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Nikilet RE: Secunia PSI is not responding
Member 15th Apr, 2010 03:03
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My problems started a short time ago with PSI. It started hanging. I would open Task Manager and it would say the PSI was not responding so I would End Process. It's been getting worse so I decided to uninstall and reinstall but now it's worse. And I can't hardly get on this web site either. I am using Firefox right now, altho my default browser is IE 8. It took a good 30 minutes total, first for Firefox to connect to the Secunia site, and then for this thread to open.

During the uninstall a box popped up that said something about Windows Group Converter (grpconv.exe) will no longer auto start and I clicked OK because I just figured it was part of the uninstall process.

After reinstall I opened and got the page where it tells you to wait while network connectivity is verified. After a while I got a page stating that it had timed out. I opened Task Manager and it said PSI was not responding. I tried again and just left it and got a pop up stating "Unable to retrieve PSI user ID from Secunia." It also asked me to verify that I could connect to and then restart psi. I could not connect. Then there was a NOTE that said something about proxy support, but I'm sure I don't use proxy.

Can anyone help me? And if you can, is there anyway I can get your answer short of signing into this forum and waiting another 30 minutes to get back here? What I'm really afraid of is that I won't even be able to get connected again.
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This user no longer exists RE: Secunia PSI is not responding
Member 15th Apr, 2010 09:05

Have you tried following these steps?
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Anthony Wells RE: Secunia PSI is not responding
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Hello Nikilet and Emil ,

Just to advise you that yesterday from early evening/last night (Central European Time zone) I also found it (nearly) impossible to connect to the website and gave up on waiting for a thread to open . This did not affect other websites I use .

Connection seems to be normal at the moment .


EDIT: actually loading this reply took several seconds after hitting the "reply" button ; it was even slower yesterday


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