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This user no longer exists Office 2007 Ultimate Power Point Viewer?
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I have applied all patches available from Microsoft Update, but PSI still says it is a Category 4 security threat.

The version is 12.0.6414.1000, and the Installation Path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office12\PPTVIEW.EXE.

OS is Windows XP Pro 64.

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ddmarshall RE: Office 2007 Ultimate Power Point Viewer?
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See this post:

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gjjean RE: Office 2007 Ultimate Power Point Viewer?
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Hi Arctucas
Beside the advice of ddmarshall,
I have the same product as you but on windows 7.
My power point viewer have v 12.0.6502.500
MS released so many patches & updates last week and among
Them a security update (KB 969618).

Open the Windows update, click on “view update history” then at
The top of the page Click on “Installed Updates” and Scroll down to
The section entitled”Microsoft Office Power Point Viewer 2007”
To see if this KB is downloaded and installed.
Good luck

HP pavilion DV6
Win 7 64bit - SP1
IE10 + MSSE4.3.215
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