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taffy078 BT Mail - Yahoo or Windows Live???
Contributor 24th Apr, 2010 14:26
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(1) I'm with btinternet. I've had problems over the last year with the BT Yahoo on my tower. Every now and again it crashes. The Microsoft Error Reporting process always comes back with a message that the Yahoo software (provided by another company) is out of date, that a newer one is available that I can download.
I've never downloaded it on the grounds that I'd felt that either BT should tell me/do that or confirm it's OK for me to do it. All BT have said on the four or five times I've rung is that as Microsoft reported it, it must be a Microsoft issue, not BT!
Does anyone else have this problem?

(2) I've just set up a new laptop. This involved contacting BT to help set up my mail. They've done it using Windows Live, not Yahoo. Does everyone else find this is OK?

(3) If no-one has problems with Windows Live, I'll look into uninstalling Yahoo MAilon my tower and relacing it with Windows Live. Makes sense?

taffy078, West Yorkshire, UK

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Maurice Joyce RE: BT Mail - Yahoo or Windows Live???
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I use BT. If U would like U can close this thread as no-one outside the UK are liable to have BT Total Broadband installed.

Tell me exactly by email the list of problems.

For example:
1. Do U use the BT disk to set up?
2. What elements have U installed - Messenger? Browser? The dreaded desktop help run by a troublesome thing called Motive?
3. Which hub have U got? Check the back - It is 1 or 1.5 or 2.
4. Do U use wireless or hard wiring?
5. Do U use the hub phone?
6. Do U use Fon?
7. Do U know how to access the hub & change the security & other settings?

Everything associated with Yahoo in BT is covered in Your Account.

The more detail the better if U take up this option.


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