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kenterm Can't clear threat
Member 28th Apr, 2010 19:04
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I am running 2 systems on a local hard wired Linksys router. Both run Xp Pro SP3 fully updated. Both have been checked with Avir AV & Malwarebyte.

The PSI Summary shows 2 browsers are insecure. IE7 with 'insecure/no solution' SAID 38416 and IE8 with 'insecure/no solution' SAID 38416. IE7 was updated to IE8 3 weeks ago yet the IE7 vulnerability still shows.

Two weeks ago I came up with a new security threat only identified as Microsoft XP Professional / Service Pack 3 with no installation path. The Online References identify it as SAID SA39382. If I attempt update with the Direct Download Link I get a message telling me "The link I am attempting to use requires that IE needs to function correctly and therefore will not use my default browser." This implies that PSI thinks that IE8 is not working, however it is working perfectly! When I tell it to continue anyway it goes to MS Update which shows no downloads are required. I rescan each time with no difference. Can someone give me some guidance?

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mogs RE: Can't clear threat
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Hello and Welcome.
I'm a Vista user, but I can tell you that IE8 fully patched still shows as insecure, as it has for quite a while. If you are fully patched, you can do more at he present time other than be aware and practise safe browsing.
There are a few XP users on the forum who will , no doubt, be along to advise better concerning. Regards

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ddmarshall RE: Can't clear threat
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Microsoft has not issued a patch for this yet. This article contains some suggested workarounds (mostly impractical):


The fix for this is KB978338. If you have applied this, Secunia is incorrect. Some people have suggested uninstalling and reinstalling PSI may correct this type of error.

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kenterm RE: Can't clear threat
Member 28th Apr, 2010 22:00
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I am fully patched so I will not worry about it. Thanks.
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